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Add a little systemisation to your business to create you more time

November 20 2019

Apps/Programs to help systemise your business. JCPC


  1. Asana -
    Asana is a workflow management app for small businesses. It allows you to list out tasks, organize by priority or due date, visualize progress and timelines, and share files. It’s integration with Google Drive, Dropbox, and Slack allows for seamless communication.

  2. Trello -
    For the more visually inclined, Trello may be a better fit for task management. Trello’s ease of use makes it an excellent choice for smaller projects, startup teams, and those that don’t need a ton of extra features.

  3. Evernote -
    Evernote helps you compile notes, voice memos, pictures, and more in one cloud-based application. Tag content, and keep track of tasks and deadlines all in one place.

Finance and Accounting

  1. QuickBooks -
    QuickBooks is well known. From profit analysis to inventory management, this program can do it all.

  2. Quickfile -
    QuickFile helps you stay organised by storing all your receipts in the cloud. You can quickly snap your receipts on the move, right from your mobile phone. We will pull all your receipts into a central hub where you can match them up to existing expense records or create new ones on the fly.

  3. Expensify -
    Another app that focuses on ease of use is Expensify. The app allows users to upload receipts, track mileage, and can read and import expenses from a linked bank account.

Time Tracking

  1. RescueTime -
    RescueTime aims to help you understand your habits for more productivity. When turned on, RescueTime tracks how much time you spend on activities, and then develops a detailed report of how you spent your day. You can set alerts to have RescueTime tell you when you have spent a certain amount of time on an activity. In addition, you can stay focused by blocking distracting websites.

  2. Toggl -
    If you have remote employees, Toggl can help you make sure everyone is putting in their fair share. This time tracker lets you see how much time projects are taking. That way, you can make sure things stay profitable.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  1. HubSpot -
    HubSpot simplifies marketing by pulling together everything you need to grow your business in one easy-to-use cloud software tool. ... As an expert Inbound Marketing Agency, we use HubSpot's landing pages, call-to-action module and testing functionality to drive more sales opportunities from your website.

  2. Nimble -
    For companies with a strong social media presence, Nimble offers unique insight into your clients. The app takes relationship management to a new level by adding information from social media profiles to your contacts. You are provided with company demographics, mutual connections, and shared interests.


  1. ShipStation -
    If your business does online selling, then ShipStation is worth looking into. The program allows you to process orders from most e-commerce platforms from purchase to delivery. Customizable processing systems and shipping labels let you personalize to your needs.

  2. Docusign -
    Docusign is great for businesses that regularly need to collect signatures. The app integrates with Salesforce, Google, Microsoft, and more to make electronic signatures simpler to implement than ever.

  3. Zapier -
    Automate anything with Zapier. Goodbye, busywork. Focus on what really matters by using Zapier to get your software to work together, automatically.

With the right apps on your systems, you can simplify your work life. If you need more than apps to streamline your small business, look at our IT service solutions that we offer for small - medium businesses. JCPC can help you make the most of your technology investment!


Although there are thousands of apps that can do similar tasks, these are the ones we have checked out.

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